Amazing Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin

Olive oil is the olives extract in the form of oil that is abundantly used all over the world cooking, frying, salad dressing, beauty, massage and many more purposes. It is being used commonly at home for being natural and healthy. It is the low fat oil for weight loss diet that is extremely healthy traditionally used in medicine, cooking, cosmetics and beauty soaps. People trust on this oil for years for its usefulness. Along with the health benefits of the olive oil, there are so many beauty uses of the skin to give you an amazing experience. This article will tell you about everything that you need to know about the benefits of olive oil for the beauty tips for face and skin.

Skin Benefits of Olive Oil

The use of olive oil is evident in the traditional beauty products made with natural and organic cosmetics. The reasons of their use by the beauty products brands is the following facts.

Anti-oxidant Properties
Olive oil is rich in antioxidants that is very good for the natural skincare. It prevents damage to the skin due to the ultraviolet rays that falls upon the skin. The antioxidants are effective enough to save the skin from the cancer causing radiations. Squalene is the highly found ingredient of the olive oil that is concentrated in the oil than the other oils used at home and normally used for cooking. This element is what make it more antioxidant than the other oils.

The moisturizer
Of course the oil has moisturizing element for the skin that fights the bacteria of the skin and stops acne. This oil is extremely useful for the acne prone skin as it kills the bacteria. It is best to use it after washing the face with the soap or use the soap with olive oil if someone has acne problem. It keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized.

Rich in Vitamins
This is the vitamin rich oil with vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K and vitamin E. Those all the benefits are much beneficial for the skin.

The Uses of Olive Oil for Skin
You can use olive oil or beauty routine in different ways

1. Lip and Body Scrub
It is great for the lips to use as scrub and moisture for the skin. Add a teaspoon of sugar to the coarse sugar to fix and repair the chapped lips. For the additional benefits of the lip scrub you can add some lemon juice into it. It will enhance the properties for exfoliating effects and a flavor to it. It is so healthy that you can even eat it. This formula is great for the exfoliation and scrubbing on whole body. This scrub is the best for skin.

2. As Makeup Remover
It is a great agent to remove the makeup effectively from the skin and also cleaning the pores. It is great for removing suborn eye-makeup. You can use it as makeup remover adding warm water, face wash and a suitable amount of olive oil. The makeup remover is great with the oil based cosmetics to absorb it and remove it quickly without residue.

3. As Shine Serum
You do not need to buy skin serum for shine and radiance of the skin when you have olive oil. Olive oil is perfect for the glowing and moisturized skin plus the glossy finish. Just take a few drops of the olive oil and rub it on the skin.

4. As Cuticle Conditioner
Beautiful hands are only with the beautiful nails. Everyone want to have long healthy and beautiful nails. For nail care, one must use a good cuticle conditioner and olive oil is the best for cuticles. You can apply it on the nails for moisturizer also. The traditional beauty expert women have reported that they apply the leftover from the cooking on their hands and nails and it gives soft, moisturized and healthy nails and skin. It also help nails to grow fast.

5. Relief from Rash and Eczema
The intensive moisturizing properties of the olive oil make it amazing for the rash and even the server condition like eczema. It is also safe and good for the baby skin. It is good for the diaper rash and extra dry cracking skin. It is ideal home remedy for eczema. It is perfect for the sensitive most skin also.

6. As Cracked Heels Repair
The dry and cracked heels need proper moisturizer, removal of dead skin and exfoliation. Olive oil has the best moisture and exfoliating properties for the hydration of skin. For the treatment of the cracked heels you should apply olive oil on the feet before sleep. It produces magical effects overnight.

7. For Soothing Skin Irritation
If you are feeling irritation on the skin olive oil relieves it quickly. If anyone is having the problem of dry, itchy and inflamed skin the olive oil based body wash or moisturizer with a warm body wash will give instant relief.

8. As anti-aging
The antioxidants properties of olive oil prevent the skin from rapid aging. It apparently minimize the effects of aging with regular use. The anti-oxidant ingredients with vitamin E produce the brilliant results for anti-aging.

9. Whitening Effects
Although the oil has gradual and slight skin lightening effects but those as also beneficial as other oils might rather darken the skin. Extra virgin olive oil is good for the whitening skin effects after coconut oil that is the best for lightening the skin tone. Olive oil based beauty products help the skin tone getting even while clearing and unclogging the pores. It also removes the dirt, blackheads and whiteheads from the skin.

10. As Anti-Inflammatory
Olive oil not only reduce the external inflammation but also internal inflammation of the body. It is the essential oil that you do not thick twice to pick for the beauty and health for women. It is a must have at home for its so many uses and beauty tips for face.

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