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Charm of beauty never ends in the modernized world. So, everyone uses expensive beauty products to enhance their beauty and to maintain that you can have makeup remover at home. These beauty products might damage our skin if it remains for long time. You have to cleanse it thoroughly, otherwise, the beauty products penetrate in your skin causing skin infection. This skin infection lasts for long time in the form of dark spots or appear as blemishes. Get rid of this problem with the use of makeup remover at home.

You can buy countless makeup removers by paying large amount every month. These removers are made through the use of chemicals which give instant results. But, these instant results might cause reaction. Here, you are welcomed to make one of the best makeup remover at home. It is very easy to make and inexpensive.


There are three most simple ingredients that help in making makeup remover at home. This homemade makeup remover is pure and organic. However, you can use it throughout your life and even, its harmless to your skin. Here, is the list of ingredients that proves helpful in removing makeup easily.

  1. Olive oil
  2. Pure water
  3. Johnsons baby shampoo


To make makeup remover at home, you take one table spoon of olive oil. The quantity of olive oil is change for dry and oily skin users. For oily skin, half table spoon is added whereas, for dry skin, one table spoon enough. Add one cup of pure water in it. Then, add half table spoon of Johnson baby shampoo in it. Take one tightly closed container and add this mixture. Every time, shake it well before using. This can be store for three to four weeks in refrigerator.


To apply makeup remover at home, you can use cotton buds or tissue paper that is easily available at the time of need. Dip the cotton bud in the makeup remover mixture after shaking it well. Then, light handedly apply on face for five seconds. After its usage, you will get the clean and clear image keeping your skin hydrated and fresh.

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