Mehndi Designs Collection for 2019

Mehndi designs are one of the patterns which are cherished far and extensive by young girls of all age. The Asian and the Arabic ladies desired to enhance their fingers and feet with mehndi. Presently even in western locations, girls and ladies love to have a tattoo of mehndi. They get it on arms and back as well. When you talk about the eastern wedding, a wedding is simply incomplete without mehndi. It is a tradition of every Asian country and they are proud of it. It provides distinction to the wedding and gives a unique touch. There are a number of shades and designs of mehndi. The style which is at the top slot is the Arabic. It consists of beautiful eye-catching patterns which are in great demand. You should choose the one which you like the most. There is no compulsion that you should like the one in demand.

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Young girls and ladies apply mehndi on especially Nikah and Valima. It is the main part of the mehndi function. It is the day before the actual wedding in which all the family gathers and spend quality time. It is the right of every girl to look phenomenal on her wedding. Mehndi adds elegance and style to and matches perfectly with the bridal dress design. If you are searching out the best mehndi design collection 2019, you are in the right place. is an exclusive platform from where you can get complete knowledge of upcoming trends. Floral mehndi design is evergreen. It is the type of design which will never be out of fashion because of its spectacular designs. It is a radiant mehndi design having charming botanical examples. It has a colorful outline with amazing designs which look terrific on the body.

Bridal Mehndi

Paisley style bridal mehndi is another state of the art design which will be trending in 2019. Paisley design looks wonderful in mehndi because of its amazing radiance. This design is enormously brilliant and is very demanding in modish ladies. To make your big day more spectacular, this design is surely the best. Another pattern which is equally popular n ladies, as well as girls, is floral patterns. This design is a mixture of paisley and floral patterns. This is a basic design and almost every girl in Asia knows how to draw it. It usually spread from mid hand to the back of the palm. The outline is sleek and looks more amazing on the fingers. Gorgeous detailed mehndi is not something you should try evenly on both the hands. is providing valuable information to its users so that they know about the upcoming mehndi designs collection for 2019.

You can attempt any of the outlines on both hands. The blossoms are usually filled by attempting shading strategy. This design also has leaf themes which are perfectly matched with the dress of bridal. Young girls also like mehndi and it is the main theme of every wedding in Asia. Fascinating bridal mehndi design is another top of the line design. It adds more class to the marriage ceremony with its stylish look. This mehndi design is incredibly in demand because of its magnificent look. This mehndi design is the one you should be looking for your wedding. Visit to get to know about upcoming mehndi designs collection for 2019. The design which is effective on every event is beautiful dark mehndi. It is kind of all-rounder design and is very effective. This design starts with a sleek stylish outline on both hands.


It is also loaded with blossom design having a touch of winding as well which makes it more alluring. It is also consist of paisley theme and the flower design on the fingers looks beautiful. Large flower mehndi designs are normally for both of the hands. It consists of large flowers starting from the back of the palm to the end of the hand. It starts from the top of the fingers that stretch out till the mid hand. Simple glittery mehndi designs are surely one of the mehndi designs collection for 2019. It is a basic mehndi design having eye-catching glitter touch. It has thin fine lines rather than thick lines. It is a mesmerizing style having glittered outlines which makes it fascinating. You can add every color glitter but the most common colors are blue and purple. This color addition makes it more beautiful.

Floral mehndi for feet is compulsory for every bride in Asia. This mehndi design has shimmer and sparkle both in it. is a professional platform which is providing valuable knowledge to its clients. You can get information about every field from us. We are providing a complete guide to the ladies as well as a gentleman.

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