What’s in for Nail Art?

The styling details are necessary for the perfect appearance. Nail polish fashion has turned out into a trendy and beautiful nail art that is the part of the fashion industry for longer. Just like the other beauty trends of the fashion industry the nail art also bring the new and the newest designs and arts for the crazy cutic lovers. Beautiful hands are with beautiful nails and the gorgeous nail art increase the beauty of the hands with the minute detailing.

Stand out with the attractive nail art

You can have your nail art at home with the little practice if you good at arts and designing. If you cannot give attention to the details or cannot create it yourself, the saloons professionals can provide you the services. There are so many tutorials available on the internet to check and learn to apply the nail art but you need to know what is in trend now-a-days. You can be the stylish most person in your circle and stand out with the latest and pretty nail art. You can try these high-fashion trends that are shared from the fashion runways.


The petals

Apply transparent or white coat as base for the nail art and draw colourful petals on the nails with the help of the brush. You can draw pointed pastels or round petals as per your choice.

Metallic nail art

It is still in fashion. If you want to have an easiest nail art you can apply a fine quote of metallic gold colour with the top coat to give at very fine finish and shine.

The alphabets’ art “word-play”

You can write the word like LIFE, LOVE and such others on the four fingers with black or white base and alternative colour on the top. The thumb is usually plane or you may choose a five alphabet word to cover the thumb as well. You do not need to write with the brush as there are press on stickers available for the nail art. You can paste the alphabet and apply a top coat over it.

The French Mani with chess board

The classic French Mani is the nail art with the white arc at the tip of the nails. The new version of the chess like creation that includes half black and half white at the tip. It is easy to create nail art for your quick ready to go look.

The red

Red nail paint is never out of fashion. You can choose any shade of the red and go bold with the red paint either bright, glossy or matte.


The one finger glittery and other simple is also still in fashion. You can give the ring finger of both hands a glittery art with shimmer, glitter or balls and let the others simple with one colour.

Ring finger embellishment

The nail art trend of 2018 also carry the ring finger of both hands more decorated than the other nails. You can use the crystals, flowery art, pixies, glistening and other embellishments to give more attention to the third finger of the hands. There are also some readymade nail art kits available with one nail more ornamented than the rest that you can apply directly with the least effort.

Punch-Hole Nails

You need expert’s help for creating this nail art. It is the trendy design to have a punch-hole in your nails that only daring girls can try.

The melting nail art

It is the fire style nail art that gives the view as the nails are set to fire. It is the artistic creation that requires good skills with colours. This hot style is good for the cool weather.

Chrome nail art

The chrome nail liqueur topped with gel is the next level in the cutics. It gives the gorgeous look to the nails with reflecting art. You can use different shades or colours to apply the chrome nail art. It is simple yet beautiful and quick to apply.

Peak-a-boo nail art

It is created with the negative spaces to give a dramatized look. You can use the special fine brushes to apply the gel for the negative space. It is the solid nail art that can also be created easily with a little expertise.

The Ombre

It is another twist in the French Mani. You can use the sponge to create this look. Apply the base shade of your choice usually the dark solid colour and then gently dab the sponge on the edge of the nails. The finishing coat or gel top is a must to prevent peeling. You can create this look with the nail paints of your choice.

The naked nail art

It is the coolest and modern nail art that is created with nude nail paint that matches the skin colour. To add in the twist in-to the naked nail art you can use a bright or high-pigment nail paint that you like and add some abstract, diagonal, vertical or horizontal thin line on to the nails.

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